Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Simon Marsh de8c8ce1f8 Add container build scripts 5 months ago
  Simon Marsh 28dc32f69c Add privacy wording to static website 8 months ago
  Simon Marsh 57ba0d2e46 Tidy updating of th registry to fix use on non-master branches 8 months ago
  Simon Marsh cdba1d94f7 Add api/registry/.meta endpoint 9 months ago
  Simon Marsh b9de311c36 Update URL and add new burble.dn42 reverse range 9 months ago
  Simon Marsh 083f6d03eb Don't emit ROA rules if the prefix length is greater than the MaxLen defined in filter{,6}.txt 10 months ago
  Simon Marsh 15b4f49ce7 Update public explorer link in README 11 months ago
  Simon Marsh b4f8047b77 Fix a couple of bugs and corner cases in the root zone sync script 11 months ago
  Simon Marsh d7d1365e7d Add root zone sync script 11 months ago
  Simon Marsh 3340f1be7b Add API for DNS Root Zone records 11 months ago
  Simon Marsh 2d5839e044 Harden systemd unit file 11 months ago
  Simon Marsh 79081f79d2 Add CORS header to allow cross origin requests 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh ddbedc0ff6 Extend validity period and add checking to ensure ROA data 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 14ed3da238 Add server capability to generate ROA data 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh ab9628b212 Refactor API to include key and attribute matching 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 7531c642ff Fix absolute path when searching 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 1e467d5d3b Web App: 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh c027cd5410 WebApp: New functionality for permalinks to searchs/registry objects 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 740a1ef20e Fix presentation of newlines in registry data 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 4f785d4dd0 Update Documentation 1 year ago
  Simon Marsh 66ca94dccc Initial Commit 1 year ago